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Animated GIF of Pinetime demo

Getting Started

These instructions are macOS centric right now, but the Mbed toolchain will work on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Improvments to these instructions are welcome.

Install the arm-eabi-none toolchain

brew tap PX4/homebrew-px4
brew install PX4/homebrew-px4/gcc-arm-none-eabi-63

Optionally, install nrfjprog

brew cask install nordic-nrf-command-line-tools

Checkout all submodules git submodule update --init --recursive.

Install all the Python packages required for Mbed. Your options are:

  • Install from the Pipfile. pipenv install
  • Install from Mbed requirements.txt pip install -r modules/mbed-os/requirements.txt

To use the Makefiles, you must set the environment variable MBED_PINETIME_PATH to the root of the repository. If anyone has ideas on how to not need this or otherwise improve the build system, let me know.

Development Notes

  • BMA421 Accelerometer
  • [-] HRS3300 Heart Rate Sensor
  • Hynitron CST816S Touch Pad
  • [-] Sitronix ST7789V LCD Driver
  • Macronix SPI Flash
  • Vibrator
  • LED backlight
  • ADC Battery Voltage Sense
  • Physical button


00> 0x15 Touchpad

  • Only responds after a touch event.
  • At 100khz, Limit of read from register 0x00 after a touch event is 190-195ish bytes. This is probably due to the chip going back to sleep.

00> 0x18 ACK Accelerometer

  • BMA421 -- Not a public avalible chip, therefore no publicly availible drivers.
  • Similar to BMA423
  • Seems to require binary blob on startup (chip firmware?)

00> 0x44 ACK HALS3300 Heart Rate Sensor

  • Datasheet is OK
  • Resolution was set to 16bits 0x08
  • Gain was set to 1 0x02



  • SPI flash is now working with Mbed SPIF driver
  • Needed to be "reset" by letting the battery die
  • 4194304 bytes


I can't get the physical button to work for the life of me. Someone please help 😂