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rotki is an open source portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting tool that protects your privacy. The mission of rotki is to bring transparency into the crypto and financial sectors through the use of open source. Most importantly unlike virtually every other competing service which consists of closed source SaaS onto which you are forced to hand over all your financial data, with rotki your data is stored encrypted locally in your computer. It enables you to take ownership of your financial data!

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For documentation look here

Some quick links to useful parts of the documentation follow below for your convenience


For a guide on how to install rotki please see here.


For a detailed guide on how to use rotki see here.


Click here for the latest changelog.


rotki is an opensource project and as such any and all help is really appreciated.

Issues or code

If you would like to contribute by testing the software please open any issues you find in the github issue tracker. If you would like to contribute by code check out our open issues here and if you would like to solve any of them please contribute by opening a PR all the while following the contributing guide.

Contributor badges

If you have ever contributed even a single commit to our codebase you can get a contributor badge (a POAP) for each year you did. Go here to claim yours.

Work with us

If you are interested to work in the project full-time or part-time we are always looking for skilled people to join our core team. Check out our open positions here.


Purchase a premium subscription

The best way to contribute financially and all the while help with the development of the project is to purchase a premium subscription. We accept both crypto and fiat currencies!

Github sponsor

You can sponsor us through Github here and get some nice badges in return.


For people who don't want to purchase a subscription but would still like to support the development of rotki we also accept donations in BTC and ETH or tokens.

  • Send BTC donations to: 1PfvkW8MC7Ns2y8zn6CE2P2t5f19KF8XiW
  • Send ETH donations to: rotki.eth (0x9531c059098e3d194ff87febb587ab07b30b1306)

Gitcoin Grant

You can also supports us via a Gitcoin grant and receive kudos and other NFTs in the Gitcoin platform.