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Python IntelHex library


The Intel HEX file format is widely used in microprocessors and microcontrollers
area (embedded systems etc) as the de facto standard
for representation of code to be programmed into microelectronic devices.

This work implements an ``intelhex`` Python library to read, write,
create from scratch and manipulate data from Intel HEX file format.

The distribution package also includes several convenience Python scripts,
including "classic" ``hex2bin`` and ``bin2hex`` converters and more,
those based on the library itself. Check the docs to know more.

The code is distributed under BSD license,
see `LICENSE.txt <>`_.

In short: you can use IntelHex library in your project without *any*

Supported Python versions
IntelHex library supports Python 3 (3.5 or later) only. The 2.2.1 release was
the last one which has been checked against Python 2.7 and Python 3 until 3.5.

Install using ``pip`` (recommended, no separate download required)::

pip install intelhex


Source code, bug reports, patches
IntelHex on GitHub:

User manual
User manual for IntelHex is available in the sources ``docs/manual/`` directory.
You can browse User Manual online:

See `NEWS.rst <>`_