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Continuous Integration

Chess API written in scala for

It is entirely functional, immutable, and free of side effects.


Clone scalachess

git clone git://

Start sbt in scalachess directory


In the sbt shell, to compile scalachess, run


To run the tests


To run benchmarks (takes more than 1 hour to finish):

bench / Jmh / run

Or to ouput a json file

bench / Jmh / run -rf json

To run quick benchmarks (results may be inaccurate):

bench / Jmh / run -i 1 -wi 1 -f1 -t1

Code formatting

This repository uses scalafmt.

Please install it for your code editor if you're going to contribute to this project.

If you don't install it, please run scalafmtAll in the sbt console before committing.