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Thibault Duplessis ffb2334ac3
Merge pull request #143 from scala-steward/update/sbt-1.8.3
1 week ago
.github/workflows add github workflow 5 months ago
app upgrade scalalib 8 months ago
bin upgrade deps 4 years ago
conf clarify that play.http.secret.key is not secret here 2 years ago
project Update sbt to 1.8.3 1 week ago
public initial commit 8 years ago
.gitignore Update .gitignore 2 weeks ago
.gitmodules upgrade to scala 2.12, play 2.6, elasticsearch 5.4 6 years ago
.scalafmt.conf Update scalafmt-core to 3.5.8 11 months ago
.travis.yml Enable travis build 4 years ago
LICENSE switch to agplv3 7 years ago fix readme 8 years ago
build.sbt Update play-json, play-json-joda to 2.9.4 4 months ago

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