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Thibault Duplessis 92891ea55a
nvim enable lazyvim dap extension
3 days ago
ctags remove superfluous stuff 3 years ago
html tank html 7 months ago
i3 i3 fix workspace restore 3 months ago
mpd new laptop, new dotfiles - XPS15 9560 6 years ago
mpv mpv youtube plugins 3 years ago
nvim nvim enable lazyvim dap extension 3 days ago
sbt-1.0 tweaks 2 years ago
scripts lila2.service 3 days ago
ssh fatboy static ip 2 years ago
systemd lila2.service 3 days ago
xcolors omg stuff 4 years ago
xmodmap remove pointless kinesis xmodmap 3 years ago
zsh tweak jvm setup 1 month ago
.gitignore ignore kitty.conf.bak 3 months ago
.gitmodules remove mongo-hacker (use mongosh instead) 2 years ago
Xresources more kitty config 3 months ago
alacritty.yml wezterm 3 months ago
bat.config bat 3 years ago
bloop.json tweak jvm setup 1 month ago
dmenu-frecency.conf omg stuff 4 years ago
dunstrc xps tweaks 1 year ago
editorconfig [jsbeautify] add config file 10 years ago
editrc [editline] add editrc config 11 years ago
ghci [haskell] Add ghci config 12 years ago
gitconfig config tweaks 5 months ago
gitignore ignore nvim-metals worksheets 6 months ago
gtk-3.0.settings.ini sc2 & stuff 11 months ago
gtkrc-2.0 xps tweaks 1 year ago
inputrc [readline] Add inputrc 12 years ago
kitty.conf xps kitty font size 3 months ago
lazygit.yml lazygit background 7 months ago
mpv.conf more vim/fzf config 3 years ago
offlineimaprc.sample [offlineimap] add gmail ssl fingerprint 11 years ago
p10k.zsh zsh remove git stash status 3 months ago
prettierrc.json global prettier config 2 years ago
redshift.conf Merge branch 'master' of into crom 2 years ago
ripgreprc ripgrep config 2 months ago
rtorrent.rc [rtorrent] upload less at start 10 years ago
sbtrc sbt testQuick 1 month ago
thibault.duplessis.public_key.gpg update pgp key 3 years ago
tigrc stuff 3 years ago
ttytterrc [ttytter] stop tracking lichess 11 years ago
vimperatorrc [vimperator] back to google :-/ 9 years ago
wezterm.lua wezterm everywhere; but it lags when scrolling history 3 months ago
xinitrc fix xinitrc 1 year ago
xinitrc.1920 fun with streaming 4 years ago
xinitrc.1920.sc2 stuff 1 year ago
xinitrc.gnome stuff 1 year ago
xinitrc.sc2 omg stuff 4 years ago
zlogin new laptop: asus 6 years ago
zshrc disable thefuck 2 months ago