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Lime Suite

Lime Suite is a collection of software supporting several hardware platforms based on the LMS7002M transceiver RFIC, such as LimeSDR family. It contains the following components:

  • LimeSuite library that provides C-style API;
  • LimeSuiteGUI application for accessing low-level chip and board settings, displaying FFT, updating firmware and more;
  • SoapyLMS plugin for LimeSDR support in SoapySDR;
  • LimeUtil command line tool for listing LimeSDR devices and updating firmware;
  • LimeQuickTest application to run some basic tests;
  • LimeSuite API examples (basicRX, basicTX, singleRX, dualRXTX, gpio_example);
  • Octave plugin (provides some basic functionality only);

Build Status

  • GitHub: Cross platform build status


Find build and install instructions for Lime Suite on the wiki:

Information about LimeSDR boards:

Help and support

The discourse forum is a good way to find help and discuss topics: