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Otavio Salvador 39fb550ae3
Merge pull request #603 from kraj/5.10.x+fslc
8 months ago
Documentation This is the 5.10.120 stable release 1 year ago
LICENSES LICENSES/deprecated: add Zlib license text 3 years ago
arch This is the 5.10.120 stable release 1 year ago
block block-map: add __GFP_ZERO flag for alloc_page in function bio_copy_kern 1 year ago
certs certs: Trigger creation of RSA module signing key if it's not an RSA key 2 years ago
crypto crypto: ecrdsa - Fix incorrect use of vli_cmp 1 year ago
drivers This is the 5.10.120 stable release 1 year ago
fs NFSD: Fix possible sleep during nfsd4_release_lockowner() 1 year ago
include netfilter: conntrack: re-fetch conntrack after insertion 1 year ago
init random: handle latent entropy and command line from random_init() 1 year ago
ipc shm: extend forced shm destroy to support objects from several IPC nses 2 years ago
kernel bpf: Fix potential array overflow in bpf_trampoline_get_progs() 1 year ago
lib lib/crypto: add prompts back to crypto libraries 1 year ago
mm zsmalloc: fix races between asynchronous zspage free and page migration 1 year ago
net bpf: Enlarge offset check value to INT_MAX in bpf_skb_{load,store}_bytes 1 year ago
samples samples/bpf, xdpsock: Fix race when running for fix duration of time 1 year ago
scripts gcc-plugins: latent_entropy: use /dev/urandom 1 year ago
security lockdown: also lock down previous kgdb use 1 year ago
sound ALSA: ctxfi: Add SB046x PCI ID 1 year ago
tools init_disassemble_info() signature changes causes compile failures 8 months ago
usr usr/include/Makefile: add linux/nfc.h to the compile-test coverage 1 year ago
virt KVM: Prevent module exit until all VMs are freed 1 year ago
.clang-format RDMA 5.10 pull request 3 years ago
.cocciconfig scripts: add Linux .cocciconfig for coccinelle 7 years ago
.get_maintainer.ignore Opt out of scripts/ 4 years ago
.gitattributes .gitattributes: use 'dts' diff driver for dts files 4 years ago
.gitignore kbuild: generate Module.symvers only when vmlinux exists 2 years ago
.mailmap mailmap: add two more addresses of Uwe Kleine-K├Ânig 3 years ago
COPYING COPYING: state that all contributions really are covered by this file 3 years ago
CREDITS MAINTAINERS: Move Jason Cooper to CREDITS 3 years ago
Kbuild kbuild: rename hostprogs-y/always to hostprogs/always-y 3 years ago
Kconfig kbuild: ensure full rebuild when the compiler is updated 3 years ago
MAINTAINERS MAINTAINERS: add git tree for random.c 1 year ago
Makefile Linux 5.10.120 1 year ago
README Drop all 00-INDEX files from Documentation/ 5 years ago


Linux kernel

There are several guides for kernel developers and users. These guides can
be rendered in a number of formats, like HTML and PDF. Please read
Documentation/admin-guide/README.rst first.

In order to build the documentation, use ``make htmldocs`` or
``make pdfdocs``.  The formatted documentation can also be read online at:

There are various text files in the Documentation/ subdirectory,
several of them using the Restructured Text markup notation.

Please read the Documentation/process/changes.rst file, as it contains the
requirements for building and running the kernel, and information about
the problems which may result by upgrading your kernel.