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### Changelog
#### Next Version
* Add Croatian transliterator
* Amazfit Bip U: Remove alarm snooze option
* Amazfit GTR 4 / GTS 4: Add watch Wi-Fi Hotspot and FTP Server
* Amazfit GTR 4: Whitelist fw diff from
* Amazfit GTS 2 Mini: Add missing alexa menu item
* Bangle.js: Fix updating timezone in settings.json if the timezone is zero
* Fix restoring app notification/pebble blacklist preferences on import
* Huami: Implement repeated activity fetching
* Sony WH-1000XM4: Add speak-to-chat
* Zepp OS: Add config to keep screen on during workout
* Zepp OS: Add preference for camera remote
* Zepp OS: Fix activate display upon lift wrist smart mode
* Zepp OS: Fix setting of unknown configuration values
#### 0.73.0
* Initial support for Amazfit T-Rex 2
* Initial support for AsteroidOS watches