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Gadgetbridge is now hosted on

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Gadgetbridge is an Android (4.4+) application which will allow you to use your Pebble, Mi Band, Amazfit Bip and HPlus device (and more) without the vendor's closed source application and without the need to create an account and transmit any of your data to the vendor's servers.

Homepage - Blog - Wiki - Mastodon


Code Quality: Java Total Alerts Translate


Get it on F-Droid

List of changes

Supported Devices

(WARNING: Some of them WIP and some of them without maintainer)

Special Pairing Procedures

Some Huami / Amazfit / Mi / Zepp devices can only be paired with Gadgetbridge using a secret key that has to be obtained once using the proprietary app with an account. Detailed instructions in the wiki: Huami Server Pairing

The Fossil Hybrid HR also requires using the proprietary app, but with a more complicated procedure. Details in the wiki: Hybrid HR.


Please see


Core Team (in order of first code contribution)

  • Andreas Shimokawa
  • Carsten Pfeiffer
  • Daniele Gobbetti
  • Petr Vaněk

Additional device support

  • João Paulo Barraca (HPlus)
  • Vitaly Svyastyn (NO.1 F1)
  • Sami Alaoui (Teclast H30)
  • "ladbsoft" (XWatch)
  • Sebastian Kranz (ZeTime)
  • Vadim Kaushan (ID115)
  • "maxirnilian" (Lenovo Watch 9)
  • "ksiwczynski", "mkusnierz", "mamutcho" (Lenovo Watch X Plus)
  • Andreas Böhler (Casio)
  • Jean-François Greffier (Mi Scale 2)
  • Johannes Schmitt (BFH-16)
  • Lukas Schwichtenberg (Makibes HR3)
  • Daniel Dakhno (Fossil Q Hybrid, Fossil Hybrid HR)
  • Gordon Williams (Bangle.js)
  • Pavel Elagin (JYou Y5)
  • Taavi Eomäe (iTag)
  • Erik Bloß (TLW64)
  • Yukai Li (Lefun)


Contributions are welcome, be it feedback, bug reports, documentation, translation, research or code. Feel free to work on any of the open issues; just leave a comment that you're working on one to avoid duplicated work.

Developer documentation - Support for a new Device - New Device Tutorial

Translations can be contributed via


If you would like to get in touch with other Gadgetbridge users and developers outside of Codeberg, you can do so via:

Do you have further questions or feedback?

Feel free to open an issue on our issue tracker, but please:

  • do not use the issue tracker as a forum, do not ask for ETAs and read the issue conversation before posting
  • use the search functionality to ensure that your question wasn't already answered. Don't forget to check the closed issues as well!
  • remember that this is a community project, people are contributing in their free time because they like doing so: don't take the fun away! Be kind and constructive.
  • Do not ask for help regarding your own projects, unless they are Gadgetbridge related

Having problems?

  1. Phone crashing during device discovery? Disable Privacy Guard (or similarly named functionality) during discovery.
  2. Open Gadgetbridge's settings and check the option to write log files
  3. Reproduce the problem you encountered
  4. Check the logfile at /sdcard/Android/data/nodomain.freeyourgadget.gadgetbridge/files/gadgetbridge.log
  5. File an issue at and possibly provide the logfile

Alternatively you may use the standard logcat functionality to access the log.